My Very First Post

After a month of deliberation and careful study of the workings of blogging, I’m finally able to do this very important first step. But once I’m here I get a little confused and lost as to what I’m supose to write, so… I rant.

This blogging thing is the very first for both me and my human, so I don’t think that I’m gonna have any specific theme fo my future blogs. In the coming days, months, and hopefully years, I’ll share with all you humans and anipals about the day to day life of an ordinary Husky living in a place where the weather and culture are apparently not too friendly to my kind. And of course my antics…

Oooopppss… I forgot to introduce myself… My name is Louie,  just Louie, but in case of emergency, I can always add a surname, the latest is Pooper (which I hate!!!), but I’ve been known as Louie Sibe, Louie Husky, Louie Dewey, Louie Vuitton… I’m currently 2 years, 5 months and 2 days old. I’m on the smaller side of my breed, with red and white coat and a heterochromia (I’m not a creep okay, it’s normal!!!), which is a different color of eyes, in my case, ice blue for my left eye, and brown with a red rim for my right. All in all, I’m handsome, cool and hip!

Nommm, I enjoy food so much...

For my life’s story, it’s too long for one posting so keep following me and I’ll tell you! You can also find me on facebook by the name of Louie Sibe or on twitter as @louiethehusky

Well, thats about all I have to rant today, and I hope that none of you dozed in front of your screen!

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