Dog Show, Show Dog

Well, I guess I’m never gonna be an up-to-date blogging husky. But at least I put in effort to blog. This blog was supose to be published last year, but I felt that Tribute to Benson the Husky deserved to be published first. I’m still teary when I read about him. So here is my first blog for 2012.

I’ve been wanting to share my experience with my fellow huskerboos and other furpals out there. I know that not everyone will have the chance to be in my shoes (well I don’t know if the expression applies here since I never ever wear shoes and don’t think I will) for the past few months. I’ve been training for a Dog Show!!!!

One of my first stacking position

I started sometime around July when my breeder, who was also my neighbor and my human’s friend complimented me on my appearance -yes ladies, I’m a handsome, built and anatomically perfect husky ;)- while out on a wlakies. Previous to that, I rarely saw him on my walkies cause we never seem to go out at the same time.

I was then trained by his brother, a young and quite handsome-not as handsome as me- human boy of only 14 years old. His name’s Aldo, and somehow I only responded to him and not my human. I got lots of liver treats (they call it bait) while training.

Aldo fixing my stance. I'm looking proud and ready

I’m good enough for a Dog Show except for my coat. It doesn’t seem to ever get fluffy enough compared to my buddies. I was plagued with a patch behind my ear for a couple months during and after seasonal shedding, and not very attentive in training, so I had to miss my chance at a few shows.

Beside anatomy, the judges will also examine movement and gait

Aldo posing with my buddy Whisper, he's also my competition. He's had a Best in Show title

Whisper on the ring with his owner and handler (who is also a friend of my human) My other buddy Truce. He's also competing and has previously won a Best of Breed title.

Treva my half-sister post grooming. She has a Best in Show title in the bagGrooming is such a crucial part in the Dog Show world

There’s another show in Febuary, and I wish to enter myself in the competition. I don’t think I’ll ever get the Best of Breed titles since my competitors -some of them my buddies- are cool imported Huskies who worth thousands of dollars, I’ll be happy with just a rossette.

Whew… *wipes paw on forehead* That’s a long blog! Hope I didn’t bore any of you anipals!

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7 thoughts on “Dog Show, Show Dog

  1. Oh please….. you’ll always be best in show in my book! woo woo woo!

  2. Wooo we think your really handsome, we love your proud look and we love your gait and we think you should win best of show. Its not important what 1 judge thinks its important what we the doggies think and know BOL

  3. eripanwkevin

    Louie, you are one of the most handsome husky doggies I ever met!!! You should win the best award at the dog show!!! Are there some compulsories for the show? Woo woo! I’m looking forward to another show held in Feb, Louie! *whispers* Hey…Louie please remember that you are the best for us!!! 🙂

  4. You are very handsome to us, and your coat looks perfect, too. Good lluck in Feb., but you’re already perfect to us! Xx Berner girls

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