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Dog Show, Show Dog

Well, I guess I’m never gonna be an up-to-date blogging husky. But at least I put in effort to blog. This blog was supose to be published last year, but I felt that Tribute to Benson the Husky deserved to be published first. I’m still teary when I read about him. So here is my first blog for 2012.

I’ve been wanting to share my experience with my fellow huskerboos and other furpals out there. I know that not everyone will have the chance to be in my shoes (well I don’t know if the expression applies here since I never ever wear shoes and don’t think I will) for the past few months. I’ve been training for a Dog Show!!!!

One of my first stacking position

I started sometime around July when my breeder, who was also my neighbor and my human’s friend complimented me on my appearance -yes ladies, I’m a handsome, built and anatomically perfect husky ;)- while out on a wlakies. Previous to that, I rarely saw him on my walkies cause we never seem to go out at the same time.

I was then trained by his brother, a young and quite handsome-not as handsome as me- human boy of only 14 years old. His name’s Aldo, and somehow I only responded to him and not my human. I got lots of liver treats (they call it bait) while training.

Aldo fixing my stance. I'm looking proud and ready

I’m good enough for a Dog Show except for my coat. It doesn’t seem to ever get fluffy enough compared to my buddies. I was plagued with a patch behind my ear for a couple months during and after seasonal shedding, and not very attentive in training, so I had to miss my chance at a few shows.

Beside anatomy, the judges will also examine movement and gait

Aldo posing with my buddy Whisper, he's also my competition. He's had a Best in Show title

Whisper on the ring with his owner and handler (who is also a friend of my human) My other buddy Truce. He's also competing and has previously won a Best of Breed title.

Treva my half-sister post grooming. She has a Best in Show title in the bagGrooming is such a crucial part in the Dog Show world

There’s another show in Febuary, and I wish to enter myself in the competition. I don’t think I’ll ever get the Best of Breed titles since my competitors -some of them my buddies- are cool imported Huskies who worth thousands of dollars, I’ll be happy with just a rossette.

Whew… *wipes paw on forehead* That’s a long blog! Hope I didn’t bore any of you anipals!

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