Benson the Husky

While I was sneaking a couple seconds to check on new tweets from my human’s phone, I came across the most shocking tweet of my life so far – Benson’s passing. It all came so sudden and shocking that my human cried while typing my tweets. So we decided that I will blog about him instead. 

Benson was a handsome black and white husky from England. He was only 3 years and 7 months old when he died, a much too young an age for a dog. He was one of the best twitter friend I’ve ever met. You can always count on him to share with you all the funny, sad, educational and encouraging news and tweets. When I first joined twitter, he was one of the first to follow me back, and was the verst furpal ever to mention me back and reply my tweet. He’ll always reply your tweets n make you smile reading it. I know that he loved his zoomies and was a vibrant and mischievious husky who loves to play and run.

My buddy Benson the Husky

My human Bel lost a dog once, a few months before I came to be with her. Her name was Donna and she was a mixed breed. Donna wasn’t really Bel’s dog, but she was nevertheless crushed when Donna died. She recieved the news while she was in the hospital on a night shift duty and had to go to the toilet to cry. It was sad but wasn’t so hard because they knew it was coming. Donna had suffered a breast cancer for about a year, went through a surgery and was suffering from kidney failure for at least a month before passing. And I think that  the abruptness would be so much harder for Benson’s human.

From what I found out from our friend Khumbu (who also lost his brofur a few months back), Benson might suffered from a brain hemorrhage. From my human’s knowledge this condition is such a fast and sudden illness that in human it only causes a very short amount of severe headache before death comes. I hope that Benson did not suffer too much from the condition that caused his death and I pray that he’s happy in Rainbow Bridge now. I also pray for his human to stay srong in this difficult time.

Benson and his dog beer - I really love this picture

All pictures of Benson are taken from his website His twitter name is @bensonthehusky. You will always be missed buddy! Run wild and be happy!
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25 thoughts on “Benson the Husky

  1. Thanks for posting this Louie. Benson was one of the first to follow me as well as I told him about my 4 kids (furbabies) including my Shadow, lab, Alex, Siberian Husky, Dallas, German Shepherd, and Bodo, German Shepherd. I am such in shock he was such a sweet boy so very handsome and so funny. Really got me into the whole twitter thing. I haven’t stopped crying he was so amazing and just a sweetheart. I can not imagine what Benson’s Dad is feeling as this is all so sudden. Thanks for writing this. We will never forget our dear friend Benson.

    • I couldn’t agree more. He is such a twitter magnet, a twitter persona. And he also connects me to a lot of twitter friends. I’m so greatful that I get to know him even if it’s only virtually. I told Benson’s human that we all love him even if we never had the chance to get to know him personally. All the shock and sadness that we feel is nothing compared to what Benson’s dad is experiencing.

  2. Thanks for a nice blog on a greater Twitter pal, I was in tears when I read about his move to the clouds of snow RIP my Twitter Pal

  3. Hey Louie great to see you got your blog done. Agree with @JwJlow thanks for doing this post. Twitter will not be the same without him. We shall miss his handsome naughty face and his funny tweets. Hugs and thoughts go to Bensons human (or ape as Benson would call him), very hard time. Run forever free sweet Benson, you will never be forgotten.

    • I FINALLY made it happened! It took a lot of time my my human to get her butt moving to start this blog. I feel that Benson is a link to alot of my twitter buddies so yeah he plays such important part in twitter! I’m gonna miss his zoomies and his antics so much. Hugs and thoughts from me too to Benson’s ape!

  4. I had never heard the term huckerboo before until Benson used it and I started using it as well. He really did introduce me to a lot of friends on twitter. Yes even though its all virtually its amazing how some of us talk more everyday than we do actual friends. So its like we have lost a member of our family.

    • He started the Huskerboo thing I think, and now I’m always huskerboo this and huskerboo that. I even use it with my friends in husky club at home. Sometimes I talk about my twitter community to my sisters and friends and they think I’m a little nuts, but hey it really feels like we have a real and much more expansive community in twitter.

  5. I too am shocked. Rest in peace sweet Benson!

  6. @IcyPinkLemonade

    That was a great tribute. I’ll miss him so much! He was one of my first anipal friends and to call me auntie <333333

  7. eripanwkevin

    Louie, this is very wonderful and beautiful tribute for benson, it was sad to read your 2nd post for sad news though…Me and my mom couldn’t stop our tears while we were reading this and still, we cry. Mom has sent 2doggies and the other animals off to RB from our family, but ‘death’ always makes us feel unbearable.
    Please Benson, handsome husky, rest in peace.

    • It’s so sad Kevin. Human still got shiny n leaky eyes sometimes when reading about Benson. He such a special friend. I just don’t know how Bense’s human are coping right now. It must be so hard. We know it’s hard, but we’ll never know how hard it is. Losing a family member is one of the greatest challenge God can ever give us. So we just have to be strong and knows that at least Benson had a great life! Salute to you Benson my huskerboo buddy! Arooooooooooo

  8. SiberianForrest

    Thank woos Louie for expressing what we are all feeling in our hearts

    • Thank you for sharing this post with me Forrest. It’s the least we can do, cause Benson’s family is thousands of miles away from us, so we can only give virtual hugs and virtual shoulder, and hope that they’ll help get through this tough time.

  9. we too were shocked and saddened at our good mate’s passing,

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  10. We’re very sorry for the loss of your friend Benson. It’s a shame he had to leave so young.

  11. Oh this is so sad whether I knew you or not! We have such short lives even when we live a long life! My cat Boo had a heart attack at 8 years old and that was really sad as she really liked dogs. Very sad for all of us 4 legged ones but really hard on the humans too! My great grand dad passed away a couple months ago – find him and have a good time together getting into a lot of mischief!

  12. Benson was such a handsome man dog that even my kitty heart went boom titty boom when I saw him on Twitter! I loved his sense of humour and pithy one liners! Benson will be forever in my kitty heart and my love and my hoomans’ hearts go out to his Dad who must be totally devastated. Even more so at this time of year which I am sure Benson loved as much any big kid! He was norty and kind and gorgeous and I shall mis our farting contests!

    We lost our Doberman, Cleo, just before her second birthday to a congenital brain tumour – 26 years on we still feel the pain of her passing.

    May you run wild and free for all Eternity, sweet Benson….until we meet again!

  13. Thanks you fur sharing that touching story. Benson waz a luvly friendly doggy that I wuz happy to know. Hez will be missed here but I no he iz happy over teh bridge.

  14. Our mom burst out crying when she heard the news and immediately had to tweet to send condolences. We will miss so many things about our friend, Benson–too many to list, but, he always made us laugh, and he always gave us Arooooooos! We are having a hard time even leaving a comment, but wanted to thank you for the post. x Berner Girls

  15. Sorry to hear the sad news about Benson. It is always hard to lose a friend. My friend Mr. ‘Crazy’ Parrot didn’t wake up yesterday. I miss him 😦

  16. What a beautiful tribute to Benson. I was so shocked when a Twitter friend notified me of Benson’s passing. It’s so unbelievable. Everytime I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. He always made us smile. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and condolences are with his hu-family. Run free, handsome boy.

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